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Unlock Method

To unlock Sherlock, players need to acquire 5 Sherlock Character Minerals either from the Sherlock's First Jackpot or from the Medal Exchange Guild Facility, at the price of 15 Guild Medals a mineral (75 Guild Medals total), and craft Sherlock at tier R in the Roster tab.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Japan Flag Japanese シャーロック・オルティス・アギュラー (Shārokku Orutisu Agyurā)
Taiwan Flag Chinese (Traditional) 夏洛克・歐蒂斯・艾吉拉爾 (Xiàluòkè Ōudìsī Àijílā'ěr)
China Flag Chinese (Simplified) 夏洛克・欧蒂斯・艾吉拉尔 (Xiàluòkè Ōudìsī Àijílā'ěr)
South Korea Flag Korean 셜록・오르티즈・아길라 (Sheolok Oreutijeu Agila)

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