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Unlock Method

To unlock Nolva, players need to acquire 5 Nolva Character Minerals, which can be claimed in the Mission tab by logging in the game for a certain number of days, and craft Nolva at tier R in the Roster tab.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Japan Flag Japanese ノルヴァ・カーペンター (Noruva Kāpentā)
Taiwan Flag Chinese (Traditional) 諾瓦・卡潘特 (Nuòwǎ Kǎpāntè)
China Flag Chinese (Simplified) 诺瓦・卡潘特 (Nuòwǎ Kǎpāntè)
South Korea Flag Korean 노바・카펜터 (Noba Kapenteo)

See Also

  • Nolva SP, gold-position SP version of Nolva.