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  • First Step Infuse ~
  • Maple Month Market ~

Upcoming Events

  • Sharice Storyline Event 2018/10/09 04:00 ~ 2018/10/23 21:00 (UTC)
  • Nolva Storyline Event 2018/10/17 04:00 ~ 2018/10/30 21:00 (UTC)
  • Tica Storyline Event 2018/10/24 04:00 ~ 2018/11/06 21:00 (UTC)
  • Fredrica Storyline Event 2018/10/31 04:00 ~ 2018/11/13 21:00 (UTC)

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Fellow Watchers, this is the place where we provide you with ongoing and upcoming major events around the world. Here is the latest [World Alteration Report]:

First Step Infuse

⦿ First Step Infuse, new character "Elio" is coming very soon!

Event time (UTC): 2018/10/03 04:00 ~ 2018/10/16 21:00
Tier SSR Elio, Charle, Shirley available in the Infuse!
Pick Up event ongoing as well!

Chapter 15 Cover

Million Infuse adds new character "Elio"

⦿ Main Storyline Chapter 15 "Ray Of Light" is here!

Limited time missions for Main Storyline Chapter 15 available
Event time: 10/03 04:00 ~ 10/31 21:00 (UTC)

Maple Month Market

⦿ Maple Month Market now available!

Event time (UTC): 2018/10/04 04:00 ~ 2018/10/24 21:00 (UTC)
Limited time sale for new skill book:

  • Sherlock's [Greed Is Good] Skill Book

Limited time sale for previous skill books:

  • Sione's [Fiery Blue Rapier] Skill Book
  • Fatima's [Crimson Bolt] Skill Book

⦿ Wonderland Trial Weekly free character update

Weekly free character/skill set will now be available in Wonderland Trial. The level of these free characters will be the same as your Watcher Lv!
Even if you own fewer characters, you can now try out and experience different team comps too!

This week's free character: Lisa, Yan-Bo [Alt]
Time available: 09/30 21:00 ~ 10/07 21:00 (UTC)
Next week's free character: Elio, Sherlock [Alt], Royal Sorcerer
Time available: 10/07 21:00 ~ 10/14 21:00 (UTC)

⦿ "Friends Ensemble" Returns!

Multiplayer event "Friends Ensemble" will be open this weekend, rally up your friends to take on some new challenges!
Event time this week: 2018/10/05 21:00 ~ 2018/10/08 21:00 (UTC)

⦿ Game Adjustments:

Pang and Puggi Character Storyline now available

⦿ Character Balance Adjustment:

When the game updates on 2018/10/17 04:00 (UTC), the character balance adjustments will go live as well. For details on the adjustments, please visit the official site. [Character Balance announcement]
1.3 update issues and fixing progress

⦿ Rayark 7th Anniversary events 

Upcoming Events Preview

⦿ "I'm the great Sha..." limited time event

Sharice's Character Storyline event set to launch.
Event Time: 2018/10/09 04:00 ~ 2018/10/23 21:00 (UTC)

⦿ "Nolva In Wonderland" limited time event

Nolva's Character Storyline event set to launch.v
Event Time: 2018/10/17 04:00 ~ 2018/10/30 21:00 (UTC)

⦿ "Songs Of Midnight" limited time event

Tica's Character Storyline event set to launch.
Event Time: 2018/10/24 04:00 ~ 2018/11/06 21:00 (UTC)

⦿ "My Sassy General" limited time event

Fredrica's Character Storyline event set to launch.
Event Time: 2018/10/31 04:00 ~ 2018/11/13 21:00 (UTC)

※ The preview only contains previews for Event Quests. It does not contain info on other events (ex. Missions, Market, Infuse…etc.)
※ If there are changes to the scheduled events, please refer to the new announcements.

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