The market allows Watchers to purchase items using currency. There are two types of markets, Normal Market and Guild Market, both of which use different currencies to purchase items.


Available to players when they start the game, the market sports various items for sale and which are split into four different catergories, Items, Mystery, Crystals and Skills section. Items sold can be bought using curren, crystalline or crystals, but these items are finite in quantity and refreshes every 12 hours (5 am / 5 pm GMT +8). Players can also refresh the market stock a limited number of times using currency. Crystal, tresaure maps and crystal mining pass can also be bought using real life currency.

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Market sections Items sold Currency Used


Refresh: Curren




Refresh: Crystal



  • Crystal Mining Pass
  • Treasure Maps
  • Crystals
Real Money
Event Crystalline

Guild market

Guild markets are only available to players after they have joined a guild. Numerous items are sold in the guild market which can only be bought using guild medals gained from completing guild quests. Additionally guild market items are locked behind guild level and reputation level. Similar to the normal market, the guild market's item stock are of a finite quantity that refreshes once every 24 hours (5 am GMT +8). For more info on the guild market please check Guild Market.

Tips & Trivia

  • Prices of items buyable only with crystalline changes in price each refresh. Therefore be on the lookout for the cheapest price of items you are looking to get before purchasing them with Crystalline. E.g the cheapest TOAD is 300 crystalline while the most expensive is 400 crystalline.
  • First time purchase of crystal will be double the amount of crystal bought. Additionally any first time purchase using real life currency will unlock SR Gold Block Potrait Icons SSRDylan.
  • The Items market can be renewed once for free. The next refresh requires 500 currens, and the third refresh require 2000 currens. The fourth refresh and the fifth refresh cost 5000 currens and 10000 currens, respectively. The market can be refreshed with currens up to five times. The counter resets once the market renews at 17:00 and 05:00 (UTC+8).

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