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Items in Sdorica can be obtained through Market, Region Exploration, Ventures, Story, Events and Missions. These items are mainly then used for the resonance, and currently only one item is used for Infusions.

Resonance Materials

Currently most items in Sdorica fall under the category of Resonance Materials.

The list of resonance materials is:


  • Items obtained by clearing specific tests. Rarity R, SR, and SSR.

Region Resonance Materials

  • Items obtained through various region explorations. Rarity R and SR.

Resonance Soul Energy

  • Items used as a resonance source. Three variations: gold, black and white. Rarity R, SR, and SSR.

Character Minerals

  • Items specific to characters and used for resonance.


Million Infuse Bookmarks and Time Bookmarks are used for Infusions. They can only be used for single Infusions and will be consumed upon use.


  • Missions will reward watchers with Curren upon obtaining region resonance materials for the first time.
  • Missions will reward watchers with crystal upon obtaining character minerals for the first time.
  • Treasure chest and guild chest can be obtained to provide resonance materials.
  • Completing training quest will provide the necessary materials for Tica, Naya and Pang to resonate to their SR units.
  • Daily events rotate from region to region and are an easy way to obtain region resonance materials.
  • Hidden Treasure event allows players to obtain character minerals of units in their party.

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