A roster of characters

There are currently 50 playable characters, which are divided into 3 positions:


The table below shows the list of tiers for characters. Character tiers can be increased through Resonance.

Icon Tier Description
N Tier N
  • The lowest tier of some characters.
  • Characters’ skills and stats are very poor.
  • Not all characters have this tier.
R Tier R
  • Increases base stats.
  • Unlocks passive for some characters.
  • Upgrades skills.
  • Starting tier for some characters.
SR Tier SR
  • Increases base stats.
  • Unlocks passive for all characters.
  • Slightly changes characters' appearances.
  • Upgrades skills.
  • Significantly increases base stats.
  • Significantly changes characters' appearances.
  • Unique upgrade to skills.
  • The final tier in the game. You can further strengthen your character (up to +10), but only their stats will increase.

List of Characters